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Keeping them quiet

Trying to keep children occupied when they are belted into the back seat of the car for a long trip or perhaps a holiday is definitely a tough job. With modern technology though there are a lot more options open to frazzled parents especially if they can afford to spend a bit.

Many parents are now forking out for iPods, portable DVD players and games consoles just to keep the little darlings quiet in the car. The average spend is approximately £800 for two children and that's a lot of money.

Once the items are purchased they need to be looked after and leaving them on display in a parked car isn't a good idea. Tuck expensive items away in the glove box, put them in the boot or if your car has specialized under seat storage hide them in there. Out of site out of mind applies to spur of the moment thieves.

Always ensure your car is locked and don't be tempted to leave a window open a little to let air in, as it could let in a lot more than that. The expensive items should be covered on your insurance so check your home insurance and your car insurance to see where you stand. It may even be free of charge, but you'll still have to let your insurer know.

If you can't afford to buy a gadget to keep your children quiet, or they get stolen, then you will have to resort to I-Spy.

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Posted on 12th August, 2009