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Do it yourself

"Westhill Insurance – we've got it covered!"

Good old DIY has increased in popularity courtesy of the credit crunch. Home improvements are now being tackled by home owners instead of bringing in qualified trades men who are experts in their field and sure to do a good job.

Taking on little jobs yourself can be cost effective and when complete there is a real feel good factor knowing what you have achieved. The most basic DIY that people are keen to take on is painting as it can really brighten your house up and can't go very wrong.

Minor electrical jobs are also tackled as well as some plumbing but where do you stand if it goes wrong? DIY can go wrong and if you really are unlucky enough to hit a water pipe, DIY can do a lot of damage. The best advice is to check your home insurance before you get your hammer out.

Not all household insurance policies will cover accidental damage caused by DIY. Accidental damage cover can be taken out separately and if you intend to do a lot of DIY then it could be worth while. If your DIY turns into a bit of a calamity then there is every chance you'll have to get a professional in to fix it and that is going to cost a lot so best to get covered.

Westhill Insurance has a wealth of expertise in home insurance and is the ideal place to start when it comes to getting a cost effective policy that will give you maximum coverage. Its cheap household insurance can cover personal possessions, travel, freezer cover in case of a big power cut, and your garden and its furnishings.

Depending on what you need Westhill can provide cheap home insurance tailored to your lifestyle so you are paying for what you need and can use effectively.

As part of a nationwide scheme Westhill Insurance is within a select group of just 130 brokers who can offer keen deals on insurance. So to make sure you are covered no matter what DIY you get up to talk to Westhill Insurance who will be happy to advise you.

Westhill Insurance covers bike insurance, car insurance, van insurance, home insurance, business insurance, let property insurance, commercial insurance or even public liability insurance. It is willing to talk with you and come up with a tailor-made deal to suit. In the current climate of financial and insurance crisis Westhill Insurance understands the fear of dealing with a large impersonal, unaccountable organisation and sets itself apart as the broker you can speak to and trust.

For more information on Westhill Insurance or a quote, visit www.westhill-insurance.co.uk or call on 0844 371 7000 Mon – Fri 0900-1730 and Sat 0900-1300.

Posted on 31st July, 2009