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Car scrappage scheme works

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The government's car scrappage scheme is starting to kick in with the smallest fall in sales reported since this time last year.

The scheme offers a £2,000 incentive to scrap old cars and buy a new one and it has accounted for approximately ten per cent of sales. This offer started on the 18th May and it has seen registrations increase by 3.9 per cent.

Half of the £2000 is provided by the Government and half by the car industry. The Government has put £300 million aside for the scheme and it could be exhausted by the end of October. There are now calls to extend the scheme to ensure the car industry can continue to pick up.

Manufacturers have reported improvements with Hyundai doubling its sales in June. Brand loyalty has gone out the window and people are shopping for the best deal available.

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Posted on 7th July, 2009