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Testing times for learner motorcyclists

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Now is the ideal time to get into motorcycling as it is a cheap, fun and easy way to commute and as the credit crunch continues it would help save a few pennies. The biggest challenge currently facing any new bikers is the all new motorcycle test.

It came under a lot of criticism from the outset as the test now has to take place at a purpose built centre, and the problem was not enough centres had been built, forcing new riders to travel long distances to complete their motorcycle test.

However, once the new test got up and running another problem raised its head and that was the 'hazard avoidance and controlled stop manoeuvre,' also known as the swerve. Part of the test requirement is for the learner to reach 50kph and then swerve and stop, this may sound simple but if the rider swerves and brakes at the same time on damp ground it can, and has, resulted in crashes.

The test was introduced at the end of April and during its first three weeks there were 15 reported incidents one of which resulted in a learner breaking his arm. Not exactly an encouraging start.

That is why the Motor Cycle Association (MCIA) has stepped in proposing some simple changes to make the test safer. The MCIA has recommended that the 'stop' element is removed or that learners aren't requested to swerve and stop as it is the combination that is leading to crashes. The Driving Standards Agency has agreed to look into it.

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Posted on 12th June, 2009