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Going green

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EVERYONE is looking at their carbon foot print and how they can do their bit for the good of the planet. The big push at the moment is to get people purchasing hybrid cars but what exactly defines a hybrid?

A general definition is a vehicle that uses more than one power source and currently the most common version is a car which has an on-board rechargeable battery which operates along side a regular engine.

Generally the vehicle goes between engine power and battery power with the engine providing energy which will be stored for later use. At a point when the vehicle needs more power both sources can combine to give it that needed boost for acceleration. Using energy in this way makes the car more economical and therefore better for the environment. Regenerative braking is also used as the kinetic energy generated during braking can top up battery charge which gives a reduction in fuel consumption.

A plug-in hybrid can run purely on battery power for the first 10-60 miles and the engine only kicks in when harder acceleration is needed. This type of hybrid can operate with zero emissions when at low speed making it perfect for city driving. The aim of the hybrid is to cut emissions and reduce the car industry's reliance on oil.

Another benefit of a hybrid is it saves money which at the moment is on everyone's minds with the Credit Crunch. On average a hybrid can achieve 60 miles to the gallon and with current high fuel costs this could be just what is needed to keep travel costs down.

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Posted on 1st June, 2009