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Subsidence insurance cover

“Westhill Insurance – we've got it covered!”

SUBSIDENCE is something British home owners use as a swear word, a nightmare that will cost thousands and is difficult to insure against. That's where Westhill Insurance can help with specific insurance cover to deal with subsidence - for a competitive quote click HERE.

Subsidence is when your property moves when it should be completely stationary. Typically you can tell subsidence is happening when cracks appear in the walls, doors and windows stick or wallpaper starts to ripple or tear to reveal a crack below.

Buildings insurance policies can cover subsidence (normally as an addition or with an excess) but if a property has a history of subsidence then insurers can get worried as pay-outs to fix subsidence can be substantial and premiums therefore rocket. Westhill Insurance has subsidence cover specifically to match any of your needs at the most competitive prices.

“Subsidence is not a particularly pleasant topic for any homeowner,” explains Westhill Insurance Director Maurice Gertski. “But it does happen and many properties have a history of subsidence as well. The best defence you can have is a good insurance policy and Westhill Insurance prides itself on the competitively priced and comprehensive cover it offers property owners.”

Westhill Insurance is an established broker that calls upon a panel of insurers to find the best and most cost effective insurance policy for its clients. It does not work for the insurers, it works for you - the people who need to buy insurance.

Westhill Insurance provides bike insurance, car insurance, van insurance, home insurance, business insurance, let property insurance, commercial insurance or even public liability insurance. It is willing to talk with you and come up with a tailor-made deal to suit. In the current climate of financial and insurance crisis Westhill Insurance understands the fear of dealing with a large impersonal, unaccountable organisation and sets itself apart as the broker you can speak to and trust.

For more information on Westhill Insurance or a quote, visit www.westhill-insurance.co.uk or call on 0844 371 7000 Mon – Fri 0900-1730 and Sat 0900-1300.

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Posted on 9th February, 2009