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Falling interest rates should favour home owners

THE current credit crunch has finally taken a slight turn for the better with falling interest rates which should be a benefit to borrowers.

For those of us who have a huge amount of savings squirreled away falling interest rates may not be helpful, however it will assist if you have high interest credit cards or mortgages as your rate should decrease.

For home buyers this should be good news as mortgage rates tend to follow interest rates. Lower mortgage rates mean you should be saving on the interest you pay for any mortgage. Don't be fooled into picking a bigger house just because the interest rates are low though, they could go back up again.

If you bought when the rates were higher this could be an opportunity to refinance. Saving on your mortgage rate could free up money every month so refinancing may be worthwhile, however just keep in mind your arrangement fees for new mortgages which may be front loaded.

This is also good news for Landlords as the cost of mortgage on each property held will reduce. Arguably it is a good time to invest in more properties – something that may help kick-start the housing market.

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Posted on 10th November, 2008