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Why buy Private Car Insurance with Westhill?

•    Your dedicated adviser will help you identify the right cover for your individual needs.
•    With our years of experience, and access to a vast panel of insurers, we’ll be able to find you the best policy at the most competitive price.
•    If the worst happens and you need to make a claim, our experienced team will support you through the process, making it run as smoothly as possible. 

About Our Car Insurance

It’s easy to become complacent about car insurance. You buy it every year, probably giving it very little thought other than how to keep the premium as low as possible.

No one wants to pay more than they have to for car insurance, and when you buy with Westhill, you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal available.  

But value is about more than just price. It’s about getting the right cover at the right price:
•    Do you need comprehensive cover or is third party better value?
•    What about legal expenses insurance?
•    How about breakdown cover?
•    What does ‘driving other cars’ cover really mean?
•    How big will your excess be?
•    Is no claims bonus protection really worth it?

These are just a few of the questions that our expert insurance advisers will be able to help you answer. If the worst happens and you’re involved in an accident, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re properly protected.

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Why Westhill?

Did you know?

There has been a rapid rise in the number of car registration plates being stolen. Now paper tax discs are defunct, insurance will be number plate recognition based. Make sure your registration plate is secured and your car insured and legal – any worries, call us on 0208 308 4344.

One in three car thefts in London is now carried out by hackers using computer malware to take over security systems, issuing remote commands for the vehicle to unlock and fire up. With no damage, the thief is in the car and away in ten seconds! Phone 0208 308 4344 to get the best insurance product for you.

Just phrasing your insurance application with the wrong words can cost drivers and homeowners extra cash on premiums: one insurer adds 9% to the cost of a motorist with children, whilst others don’t ask the question! Speak with us on 0208 308 4344 and we will guide you through your application

As of 2012 it is a legal requirement to carry a breathalyzer when driving in France. If you don’t, you face an on the spot fine, so be warned! For all motor insurance – and check before you go abroad, call us on 0208 308 4344.

Can a dog invalidate your car insurance? Yes, so if you have Fido or Fifi in the car, make sure they are restrained: if they are deemed to cause a distraction and you crash, this could invalidate your insurance. Call us on on 0208 308 4344 for pet – and vehicle – insurance.

You may be happy to have passed your driving test, but failure to insure your car will get you in trouble with the law. If you’re looking for value for money insurance for your vehicle call us on 020 8308 4344 to see what we can do!

50% of drivers are not covered for valet parking. Leaving your car at a hotel, airport, venue or car wash can result in damage that’s not covered by your policy. Always check the small print – and call us on 020 8308 4344 for more advice.

A shocking total of 230 under 17s received a driving ban in the last 12 months, including a child of twelve! Youngsters not even old enough to hold a provisional licence are driving – obviously without insurance! If your youngster is ready to drive legally, give us a call for a quote for their insurance on 0208 308 4344.

The Jaguar E-Type has been named the ‘greatest car of all time’, ‘greatest ever classic car’ and ‘greatest ever convertible’. Other British classic marques in the top ten include Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce and the Mini! Whatever you drive, call us on 0208 308 4344 and we’ll race you to the best deal!

Being pregnant can affect your driving. A Canadian survey showed crashes rose by 42% during the second trimester, putting drivers at the same risk as those with sleep apnoea. The study didn’t go into the causes, but it’s worth taking extra care of you and your bump. Call us on 0208 308 4344 for your car insurance.

Although 4x4 drivers sit head and shoulders above the rest, they speed more! It’s all about perception – the higher you sit, the slower you think you are going. Keep an eye on your speedo! If you have points on your licence and need insurance, we may be able ot help on 0208 308 4344.

The number of penalty points has gone up for many offences. Failure to stop at a ‘stop sign’, dangerous overtaking and lots of other motoring offences could push up the cost of your car insurance. Call us on 020 8308 4344 for help finding the best deal around.

Car sharing is a really good idea but make sure that you don’t profiteer if you take petrol money, and that you’re covered for commuting, or you could find that your insurance is invalid. Check in with us at 020 8308 4344.

27% of drivers wait until the day before their insurance expires before looking for new cover. The lack of time means many of them simply renew with their existing provider, rather than shop around for a new policy that could save them hundreds of pounds. Make a quick call to us on 020 8308 4344 and we’ll do all the shopping around for you.

Statistics show that SUVs are more than twice as safe to drive as ordinary cars. We can insure any type of vehicle – private or commercial – so no matter what you drive, give us a call on 020 8304 4344 for the right insurance at the best price.

The meaning of Cat C car insurance is not related to felines! It actually stands for Category C – covering vehicles written off following an accident, a flood or fire damage. It means that although repairable, the cost of parts and/or labour would exceed the value of the vehicle. Need more information? Call us on 0208 308 4344.

Rowan Atkinson crashed at the Goodwood Revival in his blue Ford Falcon Sprint. He escaped injury but abandoned his classic car. The Mr Bean star has had a few large claims over the years, and it looks like another is on the way! Check your vehicle insurance, with us on 0208 308 4344.

Many people use their cars a lot when moving house, going back and forth with their goods and chattels. You should check your car insurance to make sure you have sufficient cover for the contents you are transporting: often precious and fragile goods are taken by car. To keep on the move, call us on 0208 308 4344.

28 people can fit in a BMW Mini at the same time – great if you’re trying to break a world record, but otherwise not something to try at home. Driving a car which is over capacity is illegal and very dangerous. Be sensible out there – and make sure you have the right insurance. Call us on 020 8308 4344 today.

If you have driving convictions, it can be difficult to find good value car insurance. Call us on 020 8304 4344 for help finding the right cover at the best price.

You should check the pressure on your car tyres when they are cold: friction from the road warms the air in tyres and creates a false reading. This can result in damage to the tyre and wheels, and even an accident. For all vehicle insurance, call us on 020 8304 4344 today.

Eight Merseyside men have been caught fabricating one car crash to gain £500,000 from a fraudulent claim. They lied about the speed, time of the ‘accident’, whiplash injuries and hire car fees. Later, three of the men admitted they were not even in the car! For your vehicle insurance needs, call us on 0208 308 4344 - NOW!

Moving is a stressful and exciting time, but in all the organising involved, don’t forget to tell your insurers you have moved. Changing address without notifying your insurers can invalidate your car insurance, which is based on your old address. Get all the advice you need by calling us on 0208 308 4344 to keep stress at bay.

There are 2.5 million pulped Mills and Boon books in the M6: the paper’s absorbency helps keep the tarmac in place. Something to remember next time you’re stuck on a motorway! If your vehicle has broken down, you’ll need our roadside recovery. Call us on 020 8304 4344 to see how we can keep your wheels turning 24/7!

That if you passed you car driving test on or after 1 January 1997 you may need to take an additional driving exam to tow a caravan, known as the B+E test? If you need insurance advice, call us on 0208 308 4344 and hitch up to our knowledgeable team.

The mastermind of a nasty fake insurance scam targeting students has been jailed. Conning 70 young drivers into buying worthless policies and pocketing over £35,000, police nabbed him when the cars were seized for having no insurance. Don’t be caught out, use a reputable broker – us! Call on 0208 308 4344.

The average cost of learning to drive is now around £1,300 –assuming you pass both tests first time! Of course, this is before you have even bought, taxed and insured a vehicle. Call us on 0208 308 4344 for value for money new driver insurance policies.

Fraudulent motoring claim costs £50 extra on every household’s insurance bill. So don’t tell fibs like living in an area with little crime, or claiming to be the main driver of the vehicle when it is in fact your child. Better to fess up – call us on 0208 038 4344: we’ll find the right insurance at a price you can afford.

Following a spate of thefts, some insurance companies are refusing to insure Range Rovers in London unless their owners have secure parking.. Call our advice team on 020 8304 4344 for all your vehicle insurance needs.

Modern car keys contain a lot of technological features to operate the alarm, immobiliser and ignition. The keys are complicated and very expensive to replace – and only 50% of car insurance policies cover them. Call us on 020 8308 4344 to make sure you have the cover you need.

Your instincts may tell you something different, but if you skid on ice, turn your car into the skid. Trying to turn the car out of the skid will make matters worse. If you do collide with something, your insurance should cover you. Phone our sympathetic and helpful advisers on 028 8308 4344.

Penny pinching drivers need to tread more carefully when buying second-hand tyres. A quarter of all tyres fail legal safety limits. If you have an accident and your tyres are defective, you could see your claim rejected, so make sure you are legal. Call us on 0208 308 4344 for your insurance needs.

Travelling at 80mph uses 11% more fuel than travelling at 70mph, but saves only 5 ½ minutes on a 50 mile trip – so stick to the speed limit! If you’ve got points on your licence, don’t worry - we can help you find good value cover. Call us on 020 8308 4344.

Whilst returning from Christmas shopping, a driver followed a car with a loosely tied Christmas tree on the roof. The tree fell off, landing on his vehicle and badly denting the bonnet. The driver of the other vehicle failed to stop: police told the driver to keep the tree – and the insurance company paid in full for the damage. For seasonal goodwill call us on 0208 308 4344!

Want to find out more about Private Car insurance?
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Find Out More About Private Car Insurance

What’s the difference between fully comprehensive and third party cover?

•    Third party cover is the most basic type of insurance available for your car. It provides cover in the event of a claim from a third party. It will not cover the cost of any damage to your vehicle.
•    Third party, fire and theft cover will pay compensation to any third party who is injured, or whose property is damaged, in an accident for which you are liable. In addition, it also provides cover if your car is stolen or damaged by fire or as the result of an attempted theft.
•    Comprehensive insurance provides the same cover that a third party, fire and theft policy does, but will also cover any damage sustained by you and your vehicle. 

How can I find out how many years no claims bonus I have?

Your last renewal notice will show how many no claims bonus years that you’ve earned; alternatively, ask your current insurer to check its records.

Which add-ons should I consider?

There are lots of different products that you can add onto your car insurance policy – speak to Westhill for help identifying which ones you need.

Some common add-ons include:
•    Legal expenses insurance – covers the cost of legal action resulting from a claim. 
•    Breakdown cover – provides assistance to motorists in the event of a vehicle breakdown.
•    Personal accident cover – most policies will include a basic level of personal accident cover, but you will often have the option to increase the amount.
•    Protected no claims bonus – protects your no claims bonus in the event that you claim as a result of an accident that is your fault.
•    Replacement vehicle cover – provides a loan vehicle while yours is being repaired.
•    Replace with new cover - also known as GAP insurance, in the event that your car is stolen or written off, it will cover the difference between the value of the car (the amount that your car insurer will usually pay out) and the amount you paid for the car in the first place. 
•    Home fleet cover – insures multiple cars at the same address. It’s usually cheaper than multiple individual policies, and provides a single renewal date for all vehicles.
•    Alloy Wheel cover – covers repair costs following accidental damage to the vehicle’s alloy wheels.
•    Gadget cover – repairs or replaces gadgets such as mobile phones, sat nav systems and cameras in the event of damage as a result of a traffic accident or theft.
•    Handbag cover – repairs or replaces contents of a handbag following accidental damage or theft.
•    Key cover – covers the cost of locksmith’s fees, replacement keys, the re-programming of immobilisers, infrared handsets and alarms, and onward transport charges in the event of loss, damage or theft of keys.
•    Misfuelling cover – covers the cost of repair in the event that the incorrect fuel is put into the vehicle. 
•    MOT failure cover – covers the cost of repairing or replacing components that commonly cause a vehicle to fail its MOT inspection.
•    Excess reimbursement – reimburses the excesses paid in the event that a successful claim is made, and recovers the excess from liable third parties.
•    Tyre cover – covers the cost of repairing tyres damaged maliciously by a third party, as a result of an accident, or through normal use.
•    Uninsured third party protection – pays a lump sum in the event that they are involved in a traffic accident with an uninsured driver, where that accident is not the policyholder’s fault.
•    Windscreen and glass cover – repairs or replaces windscreens or other glass in the vehicle that’s chipped, cracked or broken.

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