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Why buy Motorcycle Insurance with Westhill?

•    Your dedicated adviser will help you identify the right cover for your individual needs.
•    With our years of experience, and access to a vast panel of insurers, we’ll be able to find you the best policy at the most competitive price.
•    If the worst happens and you need to make a claim, our experienced team will support you through the process, making it run as smoothly as possible. 

About Our Motorbike Insurance

Whether you’re a professional rider, a commuter, an occasional motorbiker or an enthusiast with a collection of bikes, you need to make sure you have the right insurance.

There are lots of things to think about when looking for cover, including:
•    Do you want European cover?
•    Do you need cover for pillions?
•    What about ‘riding other bikes’ cover?
•    Do you want to protect your no claims bonus?
•    Should you take out legal expenses cover?

Our expert insurance advisers will be able to help you answer all of these questions and many more.  Don’t leave yourself exposed to unnecessary risks – buy with Westhill, so if the worst happens and you’re involved in an accident, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re properly protected.

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Why Westhill?

Did you know?

The UK is one of the safest places on the planet to drive. With only 7 fatalities per year for every 100,000 motor vehicles in the UK, we are streets ahead of the USA (15 per 100,000) and South Africa (208 per 100,000). Stay safe and insured, call Team Westhill on 020 8308 4344 today.

It is a complete fabrication that you do not need to tell your insurance company if you have less than six points on your licence! Any points received must be declared – regardless of how many! Not doing so can invalidate your insurance policy. So don’t be shy - call our team on 0208 308 4344.

Almost 50% of motorcyclists do not have the insurance they think they have because they have failed to tell their insurers about modifications to their bikes! 83% of riders modify their bikes – but only 56% tell their insurers – which could invalidate the policy. Don’t take a chance, call us on 020 8308 4344 for all motorcycle insurance.

Car drivers can pass their driving theory test without answering a single question about bikers! So come on bikers, we specialise in all forms of motor bike insurance, so get professional advice and call us now! One call to 0208 308 4344 and you will get the insurance you need to keep you safer on two wheels.

MyLicence is a new data sharing system aimed at helping to reduce insurance fraud. Great news for honest motorists who currently pay an extra £44 per policy to cover the cost of fraudulent claims. For more information, call us on 020 8308 4344.

You cannot fool a speed camera! Modern digital camera technology will capture a number plate in all conditions, and there is NO plate for sale anywhere that makes the registration unreadable. Points on your licence will increase your premium. Talk to us on 0208 308 4344 to see how we can help.

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Find Out More About Motorcycle Insurance

What level of cover do I need?

Like car insurance, you can choose to purchase fully comprehensive motorbike cover, third party fire and theft cover (TPFT), or third party only cover. All three types of cover will cover the cost of a claim from a third party arising from an accident that you’ve caused, TPFT will also cover the cost of a claim if your bike is stolen or damaged by fire. Fully comprehensive cover will also pay to repair your motorbike if it is damaged in an accident, regardless of fault.

Will I be insured to ride other motorbikes?

Many policies will allow you to ride other motorbikes, but make sure you check this when you take out the cover if it’s something that you want.

Which add-ons should I consider?

There are lots of different types of cover that you can add onto your motorbike insurance policy – speak to Westhill for help identifying the ones you need.

Some common add-ons include:
•    Helmet and Leathers cover – covers the cost of replacing protective clothing (including boots, gloves and helmet) in the event of damage caused by a motorcycle accident
•    Legal expenses insurance – covers the cost of legal action resulting from a claim. 
•    Breakdown cover – provides assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown.
•    Personal accident cover – most policies will include a basic level of personal accident cover, but you will often have the option to increase the amount.
•    Protected no claims bonus – protects your no claims bonus in the event that you claim as a result of an accident that is your fault.
•    Replacement vehicle cover – provides a loan vehicles while yours is being repaired. 
•    Replace with new cover - also known as GAP insurance, in the event that your motorbike is stolen or written off, it will cover the difference between its (the amount that your insurer will usually pay out) and the amount you paid for the motorbike in the first place. 
•    Excess reimbursement – reimburses the excesses paid in the event that a successful claim is made, and recovers the excess from liable third parties.

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