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•    Your dedicated adviser will help you identify the right cover for your business.
•    With our years of experience, and access to a vast panel of insurers, we’ll be able to find you the best policy at the most competitive price.
•    If the worst happens and you need to make a claim, our experienced team will support you through the process, making it run smoothly – and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. 

About Our Tipper Truck Insurance

At Westhill, we understand that your tipper truck is essential to your business. If it’s not on the road, you’re not making money. That’s why it’s so important that you’re properly insured – if the worst happens and your tipper truck is involved in an accident, we can make sure that it’s back in use as soon as possible.

Tippers are specialist vehicles. Because of the public liability risks associated with the tipping process, many insurers won’t cover them. Luckily, Westhill has years of experience insuring these types of vehicles – we can arrange cover for tippers, flat beds, articulated and dropside trailers (and many more besides).

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Did you know?

Only a small number of Insures cover Tippers, reason being is the liability associated with the actual tipping process – don’t get caught out, speak to people who know. Contact us on 0208 308 4344.

Tipper insurance can be seen as high risk - Specialist and competitively priced tipper truck insurance is available and ideal for sole traders such as builders, roofers, plumbers and gardeners. Contact us on 0208 308 4344.

Buying tipper truck insurance online is a risky business. Tippers need specialist cover, but many comparison websites treat them as pickups, which can lead to you buying a policy that actually excludes your vehicle! Don’t get caught out – call the experts on 020 8308 4344.

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Find Out More About Tipper Insurance

What level of cover do I need?

Just like car insurance, you can choose to purchase fully comprehensive tipper truck cover, third party fire and theft cover (TPFT), or third party only cover. All three types of cover will cover the cost of a claim from a third party arising from an accident that you’ve caused, TPFT will also cover the cost of a claim if your tipper truck is stolen or damaged by fire. Fully comprehensive cover will also pay to repair your van if it is damaged in an accident, regardless of fault.

How many people can I insure to drive my tipper truck?

We recognise that several employees might need to drive your tipper truck from time to time. For maximum flexibility, you can insure your tipper for any driver, although this will usually incur a higher premium. Alternatively, you can cover a number of ‘named’ drivers, which often costs a bit less. Let us know what how you want your tipper to be used, and we can advise you on the best possible deal.

Which other insurances should I consider?

Public liability insurance is highly recommended for tipper owners: it covers the cost of compensating a member of public for any loss or injury caused as a result of their business activities, plus the associated legal expenses.

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